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Todd Rhynes, San Jose, CA, 1964 Dodge Polara 383

I’m building the 383 in my daily driver for maximum mileage.The car is a ’64 Polara 500.

My question is really about heads, but I’m alsoopen to any other input you may have. I think I’d like to go with Edelbrockheads, but don’t know which chamber size to buy. I really don’t know whichhead is appropriate for my goal, the 84cc or 88cc. At this point, I’ve hadthe short block machine work done, and I’m ready for assembly. The block isnow .030 over, and the crank is .010/.010. The pistons are Keith BlackKB162. My friend recommended the Lunati 60300 250/256 Voodoo series cam. Iwill be using a vintage Edelbrock DP4b intake with a stock Carter 600 cfmcarb. Of course, the Mopar Performance electronic ignition kit. Thetransmission is a ’67 727 freshly built with a Trans Go shift kit and a TCI141500 Saturday Night Special converter. Rear-end gears are 3.23s in a 489case with Sure Grip. Wheels are 15″x8″ steels with 60 series Dunlops. Ialso intend on running an electric fan.

Thanks Rick, hope you’re having agreat Summer. ~Todd


Mileage? Here’s the important stuff: (I know you’ve already deviated, butyou DID say “maximum mileage”).

As much CR as you dare. In Calif., 91 octane, probably 9.5 is max w/oelectronics. But balance fuel economy vs. price of cheaper gas.

2.94 or 2.76 gears. 3.23s are OUT

Real tight torque converter, 11.75″ from an early 440, etc. Even better, alate-’70s lockup 727 (all hydraulic)

LOT of spark. Around 50 degrees at cruise – as much as it can handle

Lean the shit out of the primaries until it hiccups, then richen 1 number.

Max lobe sep. on the camshaft

Light synthetic lubes / oils

Smallest tube headers

Might get close to 20 MPG and be real nice to drive.



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