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Jeff Santin, London, ON, Canada, 1970 dodge charger 440

Hi, I recently picked up a 1970 440 with a 6-pak bottom end.The motor was rebuilt over 15 years ago and only got a couple thousand mileson it before the car was totaled. It has never run since, but has been welloiled and turned over regularly. The cam is a Crane Blazer 288-2H and thepistons are TRW 2286P, 0.030″ oversize. They sit 0.050″ down in the hole.These parts are in excellent condition but I can’t find out anything aboutthem because they are too old!

The cam is probably the biggest question, anyinfo you might be able to pass along would be greatly appreciated.

I have 906, 902, 346 and 915 small exh valve heads I could use. I want atorque monster that doesn’t have to rev over 5000 rpm.

Thanks, Jeff


The cam is similar to the MP 284 – 0.484″ design, not a bad choice. Some ofthe newer designs with steeper ramps (true Chrysler lobes) and a bit lessoverlap might be a little closer to what you’re after, however.

Of the heads you’ve listed, I’d sure use the 346s – decent flow, inductionhardened seats. But, if there’s any $$$ at all available, the alum heads are great bang for the buck and it is great to take all that mass off the front of the car, esp. up so high.

Good thing you don’t want to rev it — those pistons and con rods are crazyheavy!



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