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Josh Watson, Addison, NY, 1964 Plymouth valiant V200 , 225

I have a 64 Valiant V-200 with the original 225 slant withthe push button auto, I’m working on an engine swap, which is a 273 withslight mods which include a mild cam, complete aluminum roller rocker arms,double roller timing chain, performance electronic ignition, 570 cfm carbmounted on a Edelbrock intake and headers. As I’m slowly working on this Ibelieve I’m coming into a problem which I need to resolve fast: the Valiantcurently has the small 4″ bolt pattern but I already bought the wheels thatI really want to put on the car. Do you think I should put the 8-3/4 rear inas well as disc brakes on the front? I’m not working on a huge budget andreally don’t have time going through the scrap yards looking for partseither. I’m not sure what to do. The car is a huge project in my life it wasmy fathers and my project car and he passed away just after we started it.I’m only 23 and don’t have a whole lot of knowledge, so any help would beawesome.

Josh, here’s the simplest, best plan by far:

Find a V-8 73-76 A-body with the 8.25″ rear axle. Swap the front disc andthe rear axle into the 64, incl. the 73-up upper control arms. It all boltsin; it will give you near-contemporary brakes and the desirable 4.5″ boltcircle. You can even use the rear leafs, torsion bars, etc., pretty mucheverything exc. the sway bar.



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