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Adam Lee, Springfield, VA , 1974 Dodge Charger Slant 6

Rick: Last weekend I purchased the car I’ve wanted for 20years, a 1974 Charger. It has a stock, numbers matching slant six and athree speed manual transmission with column shift. The car has literally nooptions and is in excellent shape. My plan was to drop a mild 440 cratemotor into the vehicle without replacing the transmission and column shift.Would the swap be easy for a professional to do without replacing thedrivetrain? Do I need to change any of the other running gear with the newengine? Any advice you can give would be appreciated. Thanks. Adam

Oh, sure, I was on the planet Zulu the other day, and the experts there,too, told me that a slant six 3-speed manual will bolt right up and liveforever behind a 440, or even a blown Hemi. And, sure, the propshaft, rearaxle, cooling, exhaust, suspension, and all the other stuff designed for the/6 will be fine with the 440. And then I woke up in a cold sweat.

I assume this is a joke and this was a test question from Mopar Muscle.



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