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Fite Bonastre Pere, Lleida, Spain, 1970 Dodge Monaco 383

I have problems in my transmission. I’ve changed my filterand fluid, but when they engage the gear, the engine runs high but thetransmission don’t engage, the car don’t run more fast. It sounds like Ihave no speed gear, then if I pick down the gas, the transmission change andthe gear function good. When I drive about 50mph, I have no problem, only onlow speed. When I put “D” in stop position, I put on gas the car startingspeed but when they change from first to second speed, they have problems.In the third speed I have no problem. To resolve it I must to put down thegas, they change and then I can put up gas.
Thanks a lot. Pere.


Unfortunately, it soulds like the transmission needs a total rebuild(disassemble, replace all “wear” parts and seals, reassemble). Before doingthat, however, there are a few thing to check / try:

1. Be sure the transmission fluid is full. Check hot, in neutral.
2. Be sure the kickdown linkage, from the carb to the transmission, isfunctioning and properly adjusted.
3. Failing #1 and #2, as a last resort, add some brake fluid – maybe 2deciliters – to the transmission fluid; sometimes this swells the internalseals enough to stave off the rebuild for a while.



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