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Steven Duke, ELmira, NY, 68 dodge coronet 512

It seems as though my mini starter wont come disengagedsometime. What could be causing this? It’s a 727 on a BB with a Hughesconverter. I am on my second starter. I bought a starter on eBay for around$60, then they sent a repacement. The first one had a cracked nose cone,the second one smoked like the devil & then the obvious. This is a brand newmotor. I know there is no shims that go on them what could be going on?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Steve, this is not at all common, but I can think of several things thatmight cause this:

1. Cheap Chinese starter (not real Denso), out of specs (either internalclearances or external dimensions).
2. Tranny pilot hole reamed out / chewed up
3. Ring gear out of round
4. Missing gasket allowing starter to bottom
5. Excessive trans / crankshaft runout (non-concentricty, dowel pins missingor excessive block line boring?)
6. Starter relay or ignition switch sticks


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