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Greg Casden, Huntington, NY, 1971 Dodge Dart 318

Hi Rick, I have a ’71 Swinger, 318 with a column-shift auto,A/C car. This is an original, stock car and pretty clean. I seem to have anelectrical issue. I have no brake lights, turn signal, hazard flasher, domelight or trunk light. I do however have tail and backup lights.

The indicator on the dash lights up for the turn signal but it does not flash.When I move the indicator lever, I hear the turn signal flasher click oncebut only once. It also looks like I may have a short to power (?) – theignition key light is staying on, regardless of whether the key is in ornot. I removed the bulb for now.

On the wiring diagram in the FSM, I seethat all of these go through the ‘turn signal switch’, the multi-pinconnector under the dash connected to the column harness. I can verify powerto one pin which connects to the horn. I separated the halves, the pins andreceptacles look very good, no corrosion to speak of. Fuses are all good asfar as I can tell and rated correctly. Battery voltage is 12V.

Just looking for ideas of where to start and what I need to verify. I’m thinkingit’s the connector but I’d rather verify before condemning parts. Not surewhere I should be seeing power to or from, not sure what is supposed to behot all the time. Thanks for your time, Greg Casden Out on the Island


Most likely it is the switch itself. The easiest way to quickly troubleshootand confirm: Just plug in a new TS switch (unmounted) and try it beforeripping the wheel off to actually install it. The only problem with thistheory is that the t/sig switch has no effect on the dome or trunk lamps.Still, if the dash turn indicator comes on, even once, I’d sure start withthe T/S switch.

If the ignition switch lamp stays on, I suspect a bad timer — this is thesmall metal can, looks like an old-time fluorescent ballast starter, underthe dash. Most likely, this is a separate problem.



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