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Frank Ohlhorst, Medford, NY, 79 Dodge Magnum 440

The Jury seems to still be out on this one – When installingan aluminum intake on a big block – what is the best way to seal it!

– Some say the factory Valley pan is fine, just add some sealer to the corners – others put sealer around each port also – some glue paper gaskets to valleypan intake holes – and some even trim the valley pan down (removing theintake portion) and use paper gaskets

When ever I ask this question on aforum – a fight breaks out – so I am leaving it to you for the correctanswer – What is the best way to Install an Intake on a big block?

Use the stock valley pan with the thin paper gaskets contact-cemented toboth sides. Then a small daub of RTV in the corners. No sealer between thepaper and the manifold or heads – it must be able to move. Even a thin coatof Vaseline isn’t a bad idea.



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