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Jose Martinez, Santiago, Chile, 1968 Dodge Dart GTS 318

Hi; I´m writing you because I have a big bounce in my Dartrear end when I try to spin the wheels, I don´t know how it says, it´s aboutburn the rear tires. I have a mild modificated 318 (about 6200 rpm range), 5speed Dakota trans, ceramic clutch, 3.15:1 sure grip, 245/60 14 tires, newbushings, springs and shock absorbers, I changed everything because of theterrible bounce produced when I try to smoke my Dart, what can I do?


It sounds like you are referring to “wheel hop”. The first thing to try isadding some clamps to the front half of the rear springs, making them prettytight. (If you don’t understand, let me know and I’ll try to get you aphoto). If that doesn’t help, there are several other options:

There are several other ways to fix this, but the above are the only really”streetable” fixes.



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