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john king, toowoomba, australia, 1972 valiant charger 318

Greetings Rick I have read your views on many things foryears now and have read nothing more impressive than the Green Brick, in carmagazines that is.

Now here is my question, I have just bought a set of Magnum heads, 4666 isthe number on the heads. They come with cracked exhaust seats which arepropagating there way into the inlet side but not on all the valve seats.Should I just forget that the cracks are there and lap the valves, assembleand put em on the old 318? What could go wrong?

Plus why did I buy these heads in the first place? Are they a lot betterand will they make more Kilowatts, sorry HP for you guys over there? Therocker setup is just like our hemi setup here oil thru the pushrods. So Iwill use lifters from the hemi 6. Whats your opinion?

Unfortunately, some Magnum heads are known for cracks in that area.Eventually, it could get to the water. But, since the shipping to Down Underprobably costs 2X what the heads are worth, I’d say to just do ’em up andbolt ’em on.

Yes, they are the best production smallblock heads ever, you will surelymake more power, no matter if you measure it in calories/minute, BTUs/hour,pounds-feet/second, Wattever… ;->



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