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Norman Connor, Midland, ON, Canada, 1969 Dodge Dart GTS 6.1 L

I am in the midst of installing a 6.1 Hemi in my 1969 Dart. I bought theengine as a crate motor from Galeana Chrysler in 2007. My question is asfollows: since the engine has not been run for over a year, what should bedone? I can’t spin the oil pump like usual since it is driven off the cranknose.What to do? Also, do you know if these engines are run enough to seatthe rings at the factory? They call for Mobil Synthetic oil for general useand I am concerned about ring seating.
Thanks for your help.


Just be sure the oil filter is full and it will be fine. No priming needed.

While the rings are not seated, they WILL seat in 2-3 miles. The wall finishis such that they will seat with synthetic oil



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