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Wade Carrier, Rock Island, TN, 1977 Plymouth Volare 440

Ive got a 1977 Plymouth Volare station wagon that Imputting a 440 in. Right now I currently got an 8-1/4″ 2.94 Sure Grip rearend out of an 83 Gran Fury police car. Im just curious as to how stout theserear ends are and will it hold up behind the 440? Its not gonna be realstout, Just enough to beat some Camaros and Mustangs….in a wagon!

Wade, it might last long enought to win a few races; it really depends on ifthe car hooks up or not. If it hooks, which a wagon just might, then I thinkit will be rather short-lived, especially the small-spline pre-’97 versions.(even with the larger 29-spline setup, it is the ring and pinion that willprobably fail first).

Long term, you’ll be needing a 9.25 or 8.75″ axle assembly.



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