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jay pippin, hickory, MS, 1967 plymouth belvedere 318

Rick, I got a 383 out of a wrecked Road Runner that wasabout to be crushed at an old junk yard. The block #’s stamped are: E 383,8-6, HP. The #’s on the heads are as follows: 1st set of #’s 86190, 2nd setof #’s are 2843906-1. Is this a high performance 383 with the 906 castingheads that are so popular and would this be a good engine to put in mybelvedere II for a good street/strip sleeper?

Yes, it is a 1969 Hi-Po 383. All 383s 68-71 had 906s, the only significantdifference between tthe HP and standard engines was the C.R. and the cam.

Actually, you may want to reduce the CR for street use (pump 92/93), and uselater heads for unleaded capability. Vitually no HP loss with 452 or 346heads. Or go with Eds.

For my money, I think I’d rather start with a 400. But not if I had the 69383 for pocket change!



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