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ron hamilton, minden, NV, 1973 plymouth sebring 318

Hello, I want a newer Dak. Do you like the 5.2 motor or the4.7? I’m going to search for one with an auto trans. and 4 wheel drive. Arethe auto overdrive trannys the same or are there differences? Thanks, GMblows.

The ’08 and’ 09 4.7L make over 300HP, not too shabby.

Both engines are fine. Nice thing about the 5.2L (318) is that it is so easyto go to a 5.9 (360) later. Both have been ‘gone’ now for about 7 years.

The trannys are totally different. The 4.7L has a 5-speed, modern tranny.The 5.2’s box is 727-based, “added on” overdrive 4th. The new one iscertainly more flexible and fuel efficient. However, both are reliable.

If GM blows — and, agreed, they do — what do you have to say about thesushi-munching bloodsuckers?



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