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pete stone, louisville, KY, 1964 plymouth Valiant 318

In a recent tech question about axles, you mentioned theuse of the 8-1/4″ as an alternative. Since I have been unable to locate a8-3/4″ for my A-body I would like to go the 8-1/4″ route; what can I doabout getting rid of the c-clip set-up? How good are the axles out of theJeeps, as far as using one in my A-body?
Thanks, Dr. Fishstein

Dr. Pete, ’73-76 A-bodies had the 4.5″ B.C. 8.25″ axle (in some varaints).The C-clips were 100% trouble-free, but the aftermarket will be happy to”lose” them for you with custom axle housing “ends”, bearings, and axles.

The Jeep 8.25s are just as good, in fact, the spline count / axle ODincreased around 1997, those are even stronger. One from a Cherokee might bea fairly easy swap, too. With a 57″ rear track, it is only about 1.5″ widerthan an A-body, and some modern positive-offset wheels could easily correctfor that, leaving only the installation of leaf spring perches as a minorstumbling block.



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