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José Leonardo Maia, Poços de Caldas, Brazil, 1975 Dodge Charger R/T Brazil 318

How to identify a motor 440 years or generationdifferences? The 440 year 1960 is the same a 1970? Thanks!


Briefly, the 440 was built during model years 1966 – 1978. There’s an I.D.number pad on the top front of the block near the distrubutor. B = 1966, D =1968 etc. There should also be a rather large casting date on the side ofthe cylinder block (water jacket area).

1966 engines had lousy heads. Mid-1974-up engines had cast iron crankshafts.Everything in between is consdiered to be the good stuff! (The 74½-up headsand block are fine, too.)

1970-’73 engines stamped “HP” had extra strong (and heavy) connecting rodswhich required external balance.



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