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Bill Clark, Hamilton, OH, 1969 Plymouth Fury III 383

Rick; New with Mopar; How complicated is lowering this bigguy with the Torsion Bar adjustment..with which I am not familiar? Thanks,Bill Clark (ex Chevy person)

Bill, it’s not complicated at all…as simple as turning the adjustmentscrews counterclockwise (the same amount on both sides.) This will affectthe front-end alignment to some degree, so it should be realigned afterdoing this.

Realize that you are, effectively, reducing the suspension’s jounce travel.Read: it will be more likely to bottom out. This car be partiallycompensated for by installing stiffer (higher-rate, larger-diameter) torsionbars (from a cop car, wagon, etc.). Or, just don’t go crazy and see how youlike it – you can always go home, unlike the old torch-or-cut-coils routinefrom your former bad habit days.

Congratulations on successfully completing the Chevy detox program!



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