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mark christian, ipswich, australia, 1976 chrysler aussie charger 440

Hi, my 440 had a stuck thermostat when I first fired it up.
It got very hot before I realized what was going on. It runs fine but has asort of squeaking and light knocking noise under acceleration and idle whichsounds like it is coming from no.4 or no.6 The noise doesn’t seem to begetting any worse but I am a bit concerned that something is going to letgo. Oil pressure is great and temp is fine and all cylinders have greatcompression.


Most likely you scuffed a piston skirt and the cylinder wall. It’s alsopossible that one or more bearings could be scored, although that usuallyonly happens when an engine has be hammered on while overheating. It’s alsopossible, but less likely, that a vlave got semi-stuck in a guide and bent apushrod.

You really have two choices: Either rip it apart – the damage will mostlikely be visible, or just drive it and see what transpires. Since I doubtthat 440s grow on trees down under, I think the first option would be mostprudent.



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