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jeremiah smith, yuma, AZ, 1971 dodge dart 360

hey, I just stumbled across this site in hopes to findingan answer to a problem I haven’t been able to find. I’ve just read through afew of the other questions here on your site and I’m sure you’ll be able tohelp. I recently pulled a tired 318 out of my Dart and put in a 360 out of a78 Cordoba. I completly forgot about the external balancing of the 360s. Ijust dropped it in and attached it to the 904 with the unbalanced torqueconverter. I now have the weighted torque converter but I can’t seem to findanything saying where the weight is to be lined up to on the flex plate. Myquestion is: Where is the alignment mark, if there is one, on the flexplate? If there isn’t a mark how would I go about finding where to linethings up the way they’re supposed to be? I will be greatfull for any helpyou can give me. Thanks.

Jeremiah, it only goes together one way…idiot proof! Both the crankshaftbolt pattern, and the torque converter bolt pattren, have one hole offset,making it virtually impossible to assemble it wrong. This design continuedwell into the 1990s. At that time, the weighting was moved to the flexplate, so the 4 converter lugs could be symmetrically mounted. (Note: thisexternal-balanced flexplate cannot be used on pre-’93 360s, since the weightfactor changed in 1993.)



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