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Vanhoucke Riemst, Belgium, 1976 Dodge W200 318

Hi, Where can I find good illustrations of the locations of the different sensors and switches on the engine, especially the oil pressure switch and the temperature sending unit. I have 3 different books and a CD-rom, but none are absolutely clear about that.

Follow Up:
Hi Rick, thanks very much. With what you mentioned in your mail, I’m now sure of the location, I also compared it with the wiring illustations in the book and it fits with your explanation. Anyway, just to be sure, I attached the pictures and pointed the location. Is this correct?

Serge, if the factory service manual isn’t clear, then I can’t say! But the temp. sender has to be in water. It’s almost always at the front of the intake manifold, near the thermostat housing and heater hose nipple. The oil sender or switch is in the extreme rear of the engine, right next to the distributor.

If you need more help, send some digital pix of anything you are unsure of and I’ll mark them and send the pix back.

Follow Up:
Yes, that’s correct. The larger sender is for use with the original oil pressure GAUGE, not an idiot light. If you are using this in a vehicle with a light, it must be swapped for a switch – a much smaller part. - 27463 Bytes - 34501 Bytes


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