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Allen Taylor, Hobart, IN, 1967 plymouth fury III 413

I just rebuilt a 413 from a 64 Imperial and I’ve got it inmy 67 Fury that’s my daily driver to high school. Its just 0.030 overbored,0.010 under on the crank, 284/ 284, Lift .484/ .484, Edelbrock carb on thefactory intake and hipo late 60s upswept exhaust manifolds. I was wonderingwhat your reccomendations would be, especially on the carb, intake, andheads. Everything is fresh, new valves, guides etc but everyone trash talksthe heads and pretty much the motor in general. Everyone around here has5.0s and V6 mustangs, so there’s not much help. Thanks for any info.

Al, there’s not really anything wrong with the shortblock, it’s just kindasmall – in fact, it’s the smallest RB engine ever made. But so what – it’sthere, and it’s OK. I agree, however, that the heads and manifold are prettylousy. Any mid-’70s big block heads (i.e., 346 or 452 casting), will be goodfor a quick 30 or 40 HP and be unleaded-ready to boot. Match ’em up with astock ’70s intake manifold and you’re good to go.

Your cam choice is a tad radical for such a heavy car – hopefully, you haveat least a 3.55 cog and decent converter. If not, you might consider adowngrade to improve the low-end and midrange grunt.

All in all, it’s a workable combo. The only drawback is all that mass,probably 4200 pounds, that you’re lugging around. But, hey, you’re in highschool, and the Fury’s back seat is couch-sized… ;->



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