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Donald Hineman, Camp Caldwell, IRAQ, 1973 Plymouth Satellite 318

Stationed In Iraq with U.S. Army. Want to replace existingolder exhaust manifolds with new ones. Will the current generation ofMopar/Chrysler 5.2 – 5.9 exhaust manifolds fit my 1973 era engine? I want tokeep a fairly stock, but newer appearance in my car.
My Thanks: SSG Hinemanwith the 101st Airborne Division in Iraq.


The manifolds will fit the engine fine, and be a significant performanceincrease, too. The only fly in the ointment is the steering column – bothit, and the Magnum manifold, want to occupy the same space. So the bestavailable combination of factory manifolds would be a Magnum on the rightside, and a stock ’68-70 340 on the left. With a custom exhaust (2.5″, orwhatever similar metric size they have in Iraq) would be the way to go.



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