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Thomas Jones, Butner, NC, 1969 dodge dart 318

What causes the transmission pan gasket to blow out betweenbolt holes? I changed the filter and within 4 miles of driving I noticed thegasket was blown out again all the way around between bolts.


It’s conceivable, but highly unlikely, that a vent blockage could causethis. But since you didn’t mention a pre-existing problem, I’ll discountthat theory, especially since you said you dropped the pan for a filterchange.

The most likely problems are inter-related. Simply, the pan is not flat andthe soft gasket is being “squished” out. This usually is caused byover-torquing the bolts. This problem is most likely to occur with cheapaftermarket rubber or cork gaskets. The fix is twofold: Go to a Dodge /Chrysler / Jeep dealer and buy an OEM steel-core, torque-limiting, siliconelip pan gasket. P/N is 4295875AB (assuming you have a A-904 trans.) Theneither hammer the pan flat using a block of wood, or get a new pan, too.



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