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Rick Rickman, Denver CO, 77 dodge van 440

I have a serious oil leak that appears to be from the headgasket right between cylinders 5-7 back left. This seems to be a highpresure leak since it sprays the frame and every thing in between oil dripsfrom everything. The valve cover is dry as is the back of the engine. Couldthis just be a blown head gasket or more serious such as a cracked head orblock. I am not familuar with the oil flow in a 440 so I am looking for alittle guidence. Also only leaks under load little to none at idle. Theprevious owner had the engine replaced with a rebuild shop motor about 5years ago but has only about 5K miles on it.

Thank you very much,

Bet’cha the dipstick tube has a crack right where it enters the block. Or,if the dipstick enters the pan, check the side of the block where thedipstick would normally go in. In that case, think: RTV.

The one oil hole in the deck and head (that feeds the one drilled rockershaft pedestal) is pretty far in from the edge of the gasket. I’ve haven’tseen a leak there in 45 years but I never say never!



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