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parker hayes, Russiaville, IN, 1990 dakota 440

Mr Ehrenberg, I have been in the process of building this truck for some time, just about to finish. I was waiting for the engine to be built when I received a call that just might terminate the project. The engine builder said that his shop was broken into and most of my components were stolen. I had been buying parts when money allowed so to start over is out of the question for now. The engine was to be a 440 + 0.030″ steel crank from a 413, 906 heads that had a lot of work done to them, Speed Pro pistons (about 9.5 to 1 compression).

After the theft, all that I have left is the Comp cam 285hl extreme energy, custom pushrods an rocker assemblies.

A couple of freinds have said that I could have some of their stuff. One will donate a rebuilt 440 with 8.5 :1, does not have heads. Another gave me a set of 915’s milled .060 with big valves and machined for double springs. I know a the stuff is great shape but by putting those heads on that short block will the compression ratio be high to run on the street.

Any advice would be very helpful I need to get this finished in the next couple of months Also I really want to use the cam that I already have.

My best advice: get a lawyer. This stuff was in the builder’s care when it was stolen. It’s his loss, not yours. Either he has to replace it or pay you what it was worth. Simple as that, this is civil law 101, applicable in virtually every state. This, basically, dates back to English common law (even in Russiaville!)

After you get the $3 or 4K the builder owes you, yes, the 8.5:1 slugs will be about right with the closed-chamber heads, use thiock gaskets just to be sure. And the cam’s fine.



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