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Sam Wahleithner, Everett, WA, 1967 Plymouth Fury 318

I am soon moving from Washington state to Arizona and amwondering how the trip is going to affect my old car. I heard that thedistance of 1500 miles may not be good for my car. I am going to make sureits sound and have a set of aftermarket gauges for oil temp, pressure andwater temp so I plan to make sure I do not kill it. You said somethingabout how you needed to have the valve seats tempered or something likethat? The heads were done by a previous owner and it was a set of 360 headson it. How will the heat of the Arizona summer affect the car? I heard itwill fry wiring and electric components?

Thank you so much for your advice.

Sam, as long as there’s not more to the equation than you’ve told me(pre-existing serious noises, low oil pressure, etc.), the hoses and beltsare decent, and the radiator isn’t plugged – just drive it. The 360 headsmost likely have hardened seats, even if not, driven normally that’s not aconcern.

It will be a a trouble-free cakewalk; it can make this trip 20 or 30 timesover….it’ll be fun! Relax and enjoy it.



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