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Ray Block, Columbus, OH, 1992 Dodge Dakota 318

In installment 2 of Savvy Savoy, you said you do not recommend Greenbearings for anything other than drag racing while you do seem to berecommending the “sealed cartridge type used on some 1980’s ford pickups”.

If these have been around since the ’80’s and are superior to the Greenbearings, I’m wondering if my CRS has been working overtime or if no one hasactually mentioned them before? Naturally curious which/why that mightbe?

The aftermarket axle companies I’ve looked at all offer the Green bearingsbut not (obviously anyway) the Ford bearings. Sooo, of course, I went withthe Green when I swapped an 8 3/4 into my Dakota 6 years ago.

So far so good after 13,000 miles and 1,200 drag strip passes but you makeme wonder if (why) I should switch to the Ford bearings anytime soon?

As always…you da man! Enlighten me please.
Thanks, Ray

Ray, the Greens are low-capacity ball bearings…maybe 1/10 the side-loadcapacity of the stock Timkens. They are fine for drag racing, pretty lousyon the street, and pretty scary if you’re into cornering or towing!(Admittedly, I’ve never personally seen one catastrophically fail, but I’veseen plenty get noisy and sloppy).

The Fords are sealed rollers, way better than balls. The reason why youdon’t see more of ’em is ’cause they require you to weld on custom axlehousing “ends”. I have featured these earlier in the mag, as a way to dumpthe C-clips on 8.25 and 9.25″ axles.

I also must add that, except that they require more care during assembly(packing with lube, endplay adjustment, etc.) the stock Timken taperedroller setup is about as good as it gets.



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