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Tech Question

Tim Honeyager, Waukesha, WI, 1968 Dodge Dart G.T. Convertible 5.7L

Just a quick, albeit important question for the guru: Bestway to pre-lube a 5.7L before initial fire-up? No distributor/intermediateshaft like the old days, and I’d rather be safe than sorry, so is there away to pressurize it that I’m overlooking… or just fill it with oil andshake it up real hard?

Tim, all I can think of is pumping in pressurized oil from an externalsource while slowly cranking it by hand. This applies, basically, to allfront-cover-mounted oil pump engines, going all the way back to thedecades-old AMC / Jeep engines.

Barring that, I’d definitely pre-fill the oil filter (which I do with everyengine at every oil change).

If this bothers you, remember that the factory nevery pre-oiled anything!



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