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james patterson, panama city FL, 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger 318

I have a 318, all new parts, 0.040″ overbore, KB167pistons, zero decked, Areoheads 2.02 valves, 230/0.480″ Comp cam. I checkedthe lifter preload, and the machine shop said the stock pushrods were okay.With 38 miles on it, the engine wiped one cam lobe and lifter. It looks likeit was beat with a hammer!

Before I waste another cam, please help me Mopar god, you always been rightbefore!

James, assuming no V-P interference, and normal oil flow, it was simplyimproper break-in. Here’s the way to prevent a recurrence:

  • Polish lifter bottoms to mirror finish – should look like a chome bumper
  • Use gooey break-in lube


  • Engine must start immediately!
  • Engine must not see under 2500 RPM for 20 minutes!



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