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Bill’Z’ Zeromski, Harshaw, WI, 1969 DODGE Super Bee 440

Hi Rick, I subscribe to all the Mopar mags, but I think your Tech Topics is the best of them all, that’s why I trust your answer on restifying my factory rally dash.I would like to upgrade my dash to white face guages, instead of trying to upgrade the present factory guages. I’m thinking it would look better, and more cost effective. Is it possible to remove the stock guages w/o having to cut anything up, and would it be possible to use the factory wiring to hook it back-up, or is there extensive wiring upgrades here? And while I’m at it, what Mopar steering column can I use to get a tilt wheel and cruise? Thanks for your help.


The factory clusters were all sort of a “unit construction” design, I think the only practical way to do this is to remove the stock cluster entirely, and make a new sheet-aluminum panel in its stead. Then make cutouts in the new panel for your new gauges, aftermrket indicator lamps (think: LED) and the stock switches. Then powder coat or paint is as desired.

The wiring will not plug in, not even close. But, overall, the wiring will be very easy and simple.

My best guess — a GUESS — on the column and cruise would be a late-’70s B-body donor. Although the toe plate (piece that covers firewall hole) and undercolumn bracket would surely need rework, the basic length should be close. You could dispense with the rag joint – it’s not needed since you don’t have the rubber-isolated K-member.

Mopars of the ’60/’70s had the cruise switches on the turn signal stalk, not a bad idea and easy to swap over.

Also, Flaming River now has Mopar-specific columns and various steering shaft components to ease this kind of swap.



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