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Tech Question

Bob Duquette, Regina, SK, Canada, 1970 Dodge Charger 318

How can you check for a Sure Grip in a Mopar withoutpulling it out or popping the cover at a wrecking yard? Thanks, Bob.

Bob, there a few ways, and I’m going to assume you don’t want to decode thefender tag or check for the presence of a “Use Sure Grip Lube” tag on theaxle.

If both rear wheels are off the ground, and the car is in “park” (or in gearwith a manual trans), it should be very, very difficult to rotate EITHERrear wheel. But since locked brakes (rusty shoes, park brake cable, etc.)can also cause this effect, it’s not 100% certain.

If the driveshaft is free to turn (or missing altogether), rotating eitherrear wheel should result in the opposite wheel turning in the SAMEdirection. If it turns the opposite direction, you know for sure that it’sNOT a SG — move on. But if it’s impossible to turn either wheel, it couldstill be rusty brakes — remove the drums and rotate the axles to be sure.

If only one wheel is off the ground, and the elevated wheel turns easily,it’s either NOT a SG, or a worn-out one.



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