Tech Question

Earl Watt, Syracuse, NY, 1972 Plymouth Duster 340

I have installed a set of Edelbrock Aluminum Heads on my street/strip '72 Duster 340. All has gone well but the alternator position is not the same. Since the head seems to be longer than stock, the bracket sits forward and so does the alternator. Before I cut my original bracket and mig it back together, any suggestions?

Earl, yes, I've heard this before, I've also heard of the alternator hitting the head after the bracket is modified. First, you need to use a pre-'72 "roundback" alternator for clearance. Then you need modified mounting brackets, Year One sells this as a kit. It is part # MR 603. They also offer the RQ 86 for 69 and earlier (w/cast iron water pumps)

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