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Jody Hallas, Nanticoke PA, 1973 Plymouth Duster 340

I am building a 4-inch stroked 340, with a Pro-Charger,est. HP = 650. My question is would my 8.75″ rear (it has 3.91 gears in itright now) hold up to this kind of torque or would it be better to get aFord 9 inch? What would you recommend for these rears? I am using a shacklerelocation kit on this car, and a 833 tranny. Thank You for your time. Jody

Jody, that depends on several factors:

> Which 8.75″ axle? #742 or 489 units have a shot at lasting. Small-bearingones – not.

> What tires? If street radials, it will probably live for a while.

> How will the car be used? If this will be a serious-hookup drag car, therear will expire quickly. At that point, to me, the Dana 60 is the only wayto go; why anyone would want the hot-running, friction-full Ford rear isbeyond me!

You also had better be running an 18-spline ‘833!



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