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Tech Question

Kevin Davis, Waterloo, IA, 1980 Dodge Mirada 360

I have a simple question. Can a 2.74 low gear set for a727 be adapted to a 518? Nobody around here seems to have a clue. Everyonearound here seems to be fascinated with the TH 700R4 (GMbomb) or the FordAOD. I want something that can survive being behind a Mopar.

Kevin, as a drop-in, no. However, the aftermarket sells modified planetariesthat do exactly this. While A-OK for a drag car, I’d be inclined to say thatther durability isn’t up to stock parts.

The nice thing about a stock A-518, however, is the abilty to use stock 727converters (2.2:1 stall ratio), and, of course, that overdrive. This meansthat 4.10 axle gears become 2.85 at the flip of a switch. Point being, I’mnot really sure that you even want a lower fist gear. I drove exactly thiscombo every day for 6 years and it was awesome.



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