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jeff scates, Whittier, CA, ’64 plymouth Valiant conv Signet 200, 273

my car has a 4-speed trans with a ball and trunion frontU-joint. Do I have to change the output shaft and cover to install across-type U- joint drive shaft?

P.S., I was a Dodge tech for 14 years untill I broke my back working on aV-10 truck totally disabling me, so if you guys ever want to do arestoration on a guy who gave it all for Ma Mopar let me know. By the waygreat mag, it helps me remember the days when I was happy working on cars.

Thank you,

Jeff, I don’t know what cover you are referring to, but, to make this swap,you’d need a ’66-up A or F-body A-833 mainshaft and extension housing.You’ll also need the later speedo pinion setup and a ’66-’67 speedo cable.And, obiously, the correct driveshaft, which, if you’re junkyard shopping,needs to come from a ’66 ‘Cuda or Valiant only.

I just wonder why you’d go to the trouble, the B&T setup is trouble-free.

If original, you should now have the 3.09:1 low-gear gearset which is realnice in a daily driver with a tall axle ratio – the next best thing tooverdrive. Hang onto it!

As far as spinal column surgery, or anything similar, we gotta draw the linesomeplace. Brain surgery is as far as we’ve dared to go with our Craftsmantools. (It’s been fun, admittedly, and sometimes it has even worked out.)Now, if somebody were to donate a full set of Snap-Ons, we might take theplunge. Sounds like fun, thanks for the offer.



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