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Craig Rocksvold, Waukon, IA, 1972 Plymouth Cuda 340

I have a 1972 340 engine with a cast crank and wondered ifa crank from a 318 Poly will bolt right in? I believe the Poly’s crank isforged, correct? I plan on building the engine like a ’71 or slightlybeyond. Behind the engine will be a 727 with a 3.23 Sure Grip. Your answerand advice would be appreciated.


Depends on the year. As long as it’s from a ’62-up engine, yes, it will boltin. But many of these cranks have a bazillion miles on them, I suggesthaving it checked for invisible cracks (Magnaflux) beforehand.

I should also mention that for outputs in the stock or near-stock range, thecast crank is 100% OK.



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