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alex aponte, gautier, MS, 1973 Dodge charger 383

My Charger is getting a freshly rebuilt 1971 383 (bored0.060 over). I removed the engine and did not mark the bolts on theflexplate in relation to the torque converter. I have read a book on Moparengines that says I could run into balance problems. Is this true?

Al, don’t believe everything you read – unless, of course, it’s in M.A.!

The short answer: no. All these parts are “keyed”, and will go back only oneway – the way they came apart.

However, I’m a bit concerned about one ‘detail’ – your 1973 Charger was notoriginally equipped with a 383. If it was a 400, which was externallybalanced, and you swap in a steel-crank 383 with the 400’s t/converter,there will be signifcant imbalance. If this is what you’re doing, I’dsuggest using the converter from the 383. If that’s not available, simplyknock the weights off the 400 converter – this will get you very close.



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