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mark ciesla, buffalo, NY, 1971 Plymouth Duster 340

I recently purchased a 1971 Duster 340 for restoration.
I want to get away from the small bolt pattern wheels. If I change thefront drums to discs from one of the conversion companies, what do I haveto do with the rear end to utilize the standard large bolt wheel pattern?.Note, this was originally a 318 vehicle.

Mark, if it’s an 8.75″ rear axle, you need to get a set of 10 or 11″ reardrums, backing plates, wheel cyls, and all hardware from the rear ofvirtually any “big car” (Mopar), and a pair of C-body axle shafts to beshortened and resplined by Moser Engineering (or just buy new axles fromthem.)

Alternately, you can swap in a complete 8.25″ axle from a ’73-’76 A-body.



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