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Ben Munford, Aylett VA, 1973 Dodge Monaco 400

Regarding charging systems and bulkhead connectors, I read in the 12/97issue of MA that I should wire the alternator’s output stud directly to thebattery. Does this mean that the power to the ignition system andaccessories comes through the battery and through the bulkhead? If so, whatis the advantage of eliminating one bulkhead connector in favor of another?If not, please explain how the ignition and accessories get power.
Thanks. For tech info, you da man!

Ben, no, none of the power “comes through the battery”. All “system” (andaccessory) power (current, actually) still flows through the bulkheadconnector. It’s the CHARGING current, which normally flows through thefirewall ONLY so the ammeter can display the current flow, that is bypassedby my modification. Since, in a stock Mopar, this is, by far, the highestcurrent flow point, eliminating this eliminates 99% of the problems.

For those who not be familiar with this modification, I should point outthat this mod also bypasses the fusible link, so it’s absolutely vital thata second link be spliced in-line with the bypass wire, which should be heavygauge stuff, typically at least 10 gauge.



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