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elaine cornthwait, ann arbor, MI, 1984 dodge truck 318

Hi Rick,
The original 2bbl carb is shot so I’m replacing it with an Edelbrock 650AVS type w/ electric choke and 360 spreadbore cast iron intake manifold.

Questions: 1: Should I buy the intake gasket w/ the heat crossoverblocked? (I think the part no. is Fel-pro 12-13?) and Q 2: Is that carb tobig? (318 w/ 4-speed, 132k, 4X4 3/4 ton, all original.

Thanks! You rock! Elaine

Elaine, it should be fine, the carb’s nowhere near too big. If it bogs, justtighten the air door adjustment. For 4-season street use, keep the exhaust(crossover) heat.

It’d be a better swap with either an old 340 square-bore manifold OR your”new” manifold with any T-Q.



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