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Paul Papa, Mason, OH, 1970 Dodge Challenger 318

I have no brake lights. Fuse, and bulbs are all good andhave check switch at pedal and it is good as well.
Any suggestions?


Yes. Think about the way the circuity operates: The turn signal switch isthe “nerve center”. When you flip on the signals, the brake lamp for thatside of the car must be, effectively, disconnected from the brake lampswitch circuit and connected to the flasher circuit. So a bad switch is apossiblity, especially if the turn signals (rear) DO work. If you try this,don’t go to the trouble of pulling the steering wheel, etc., until this isproven to be the cause – just plug in the new switch and dangle it.

Still, I’d much prefer real troubleshooting to parts-replacment shotgunning.Just dig out the FSM and follow the current path: fuse > brake light switch> TS switch > rear lamps. A voltmeter or test lamp is all it takes.



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