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Bernard McCarty, Kansas City, KS, 1966 Chrysler 300, 440HP

Using your conversion data, I have converted my 1966Chrysler 300 to 11.75″ front disks using all components from a 1973 Newportincluding the spindles. Calipers are pin type facing the front of the car.The problem is that if I put the calipers on the correct sides, the correct73 brake hose with the long brass section hits the front caliper adapterbolt/nut. If I swap calipers, the hose doesn’t interfere with anything butwould have to be hooked up behind the assembly because the hose is tooshort. What did I miss?

The calipers must be rear hung. You must have the correct non-banjo-boltcalipers, which must be installed with bleeder screws facing up. You alsomust have the ’73 – C – specific hose (3461735). In other words, you musttruly use all the ’73 components installed as they were in 1973!



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