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Jens Palmqvist, Iggesund, Sweden, 1973 Plymouth Valiant 4-dr 225

I´ve gotten an 318 out of a mid-eighties van,complete with trans etc. The van is a ’87 but suppsedly a 360 so its not the original engine.The engine spells 318 on most of its numbers and has a Holley two barrel. The trans is a 727 probably lock up. I´m now gonna swap it into my Valiant and do have a couple of questions:

:Can i use the van exhaust manifolds?

Probably not – they’ll hit various things in the car.

:Can i use the engine mounts from the van or are they too high for my k?(it isnt all that easy to obtain a korrekt k here,so i think i will build new mounts on my present k.)

No. But have you seen

:But if i score a K will the later ones from 74 to 76 fit?

Yes! But, to use stock mounts, it must be from a V-8 car.

:Whats the power of this two barrel engine?

Basically, zero. It just converted hydrocarbons into carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, with a little heat pushing the pistons down as a by-product!

:And at last the question that i find you guys most reliable hop ups! Are there any?

Sure: 360 heads – home-ported, stock 318/360 4-bbl intake setup, a mild cam, and cheapo headers. Also 92-up pistons and rings (0.035″ taller). Not too difficult to make 300-325 HP.

Well, now its time to get my nose brown…best automotive mag on the planet!!!!

Jeeezzz! Thanks, Rick


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