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Tom Schaffhausen, St. Paul, MN, 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II hardtop 318

I want to do a motor change. I have a 1962 413 engine Iwant to put in my ’65 Belvedere. I bought a ’65 Newport that had theoriginal 383 engine and auto transmission. Will the 65 auto tranny bolt upto my 413 engine and then fit in my ’65 belvedere?


Yes, it will all fit, all you’ll really need is an engine mount setup fromSchumacher. As you probably know, 1965 727 transmissions are highly prized -they were one-year-only: cable-shifted, yet sliding-spline output.

While this is a pretty nice swap, there a a few things about it that I findless than appealing, mostly relating to the engine weight vs. power deal.You can build a 408″ smallblock cheaply that will easily make as much poweras a near-stock (non-Maxi) 413, be an easier installation, and even keep thestock trans. Or, a 400″ ’72-up B-engine is nearly the same displacement, issmaller, lighter, has better heads (again, assuming a non-Maxi 413), stiffercylinder walls, etc.

Assuming that you insist on an RB engine, why not at least start with a 440?It weighs no more than the 413, and all ’67-up 440 blocks are stronger thanyour 413, most also have much better heads, too.

So, to be clear, my point is: if you’re going to go to the trouble of aswap, the cost of the “core” engine is one of the lesser expenses. Yes, the413 is certainly not a bad engine, but why not make the best possiblechoice?



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