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bob santarsieri, schaumburg, IL, 71 plymouth road runner 440

I have a msd pro billet distributor and msd 6al box. Whatwould be the best setting for the distributor? Right now it is set at 2heavy silver springs and silver bushing per the instructions. It starts toadvance at 1400 and goes to 5500rpm then levels off. What would you suggest.440ci, 0.040″ overbore, 0.474″ purple shaft cam, Hedman headers and 3.23gears. Just street driven. Thanks for your help.

Bob, assuming sufficient octane vs. C.R., you need a curve something closeto this:

Under 1400RPM – no advance – set initial at 15 degrees BTDC
2000 – 10 dergees mech (25 total)
2500 – 20 degrees mech (35 total) – all in.

Plus, at LEAST 15 degrees of vacuum advance under light throttle (50, 52-55 better).

If it currently doesn’t go to full advance until 5500, you’re giving up lotsof power.

If it currently has less (or no) vacuum advance), you’re giving up LOTS offuel economy and fouling plugs.



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