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Shannon Fuller, Salisbury, Australia, 1970 Dodge Challenger 440

I'm a long time reader of MA and always enjoyed your tech articles. I have finally got a problem that hopefully you can help me with. On my '70 Dodge Challenger, I've had the Green Bearing kit installed by a local diff specialist, however, when I'm installing the drivers side (Left hand side) axle, it binds up as I'm about to finish tightening the retaining nuts and will not turn over. Any idea what the problem is here? Is the bearing installed in the wrong position or have I forgotten to put some kind of spacer in?

Thanks very much for your help!

Shannon, I see only three possibilities: Either one (or both) of the bearings wasn't pressed on all the way; or one (or both) of them are defective; or the thrust spacer (on clutch-type Sure Grip) has fallen out on one side and the axle is attempting to mangle it.

Of course, there's always the possibility of mismatched parts, but you ddn't mention swapping anything. In other words, if you're using axles which are too long for the housing (from a different body style, aftermarket ones cut too long, etc.)

By the way, you DO know that those Green ball bearings have MUCH less capacity than the stock Timken tapered roller bearings, and are recommended for straight-line (read: drag racing) use only?


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