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Fred Knudsen, Dayton, NV, 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury 426W

While rebuilding my 426 wedge engine, I decided toinstall an Edelbrock RPM Preformer intake mainifold I found that the airconditioning mounts interfered with some webbing at the front of themanifold. Looking at other replacement manifolds, I found that most of themwould also interfer with the air conditioner mount.

Would it be safe to cut back some of the webbing at the front of themanifold? The webbing doesn’t appear to do anything useful, and the requiredcut would not break into the manifold air passages. It would just trim offsome excess aluminum.


I think that would be OK. But look at Bouchillon’s new small Jap A/Ccomprssor mounting kits at:

Personally, in the long run, I think this is the way to go! Modern, light,R-134, etc.



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