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Quint Baxter, Oregon City, OR, 1974 Plymouth Gold Duster 318

I bought a new oil pan for my 318 from a junkyard.
Obviously from a junkyard it has surface rust inside and out. I looked itover and nothing rusted through. My question is how clean does the insidehave to be before I can safely install it? I took a wire wheel and a drillto it then some sanding to get the surface rust off. Is this good enough?Will it flake off and cause harm to my engine? My theory is nothing willhappen once its covered in oil. Am I wrong? Do I need to have itsandblasted? Thank you for your help!


If you’ve ever seen the inside of 200,000-mile daily drivers that hadtypical (read: minimal) maintenance, you’ve seen nasty lumps pfnear-charcoal, hunks of valve stem seals, etc. And the engines still ranfine. So offhand, I’d say there’s no need to obcess over this. However,here’s one “intermediate” idea: Why not wipe it down with some kind ofsolvent (alcohol, gasoline, Brakleen, lacquer thinner, etc.) and then hit itwith a spray of one of the commercial rust-conversion coatings such asDuro’s Extend?

And thanks for your honesty!



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