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Joe Krizek, North Pole AK , 75 Dodge Power Wagon 318

I rebuilt my 318 in my four wheel drive truck. The blockwas hot tanked and bored 0.030″ over, the crank was ground 0.010″ under, andtwo rods were reconditioned. The Heads were casting #302 1985 swirlportclosed chambered with new valve guides and hardened exhaust valve seats. Thepistons are cast stock compression ratio with moly rings. I used a Comp CamXE250 kit. My question is about the lifters. When I start the truck in themorning the lifters clatter. Also when is is up to operating temperaturethere still seems to be one lifter faintly clicking. Competitiom Cams saidthey make the same lifters for all flat Hyd cam mopars. The Comp Cam Liftershave a hole in the cup to oil the rocker assembly through the push rods. Theolds lifters did not. Do I need new lifters?

Probably not. What you need to do is be sure that the lifters are operatingwithin their design range. With any cam lobe on the base circle, the plungershould be depressed at least 0.030″ but not more than 0.100″. I’d be sure tocheck this on the one that’s noisy all the time. If not within this range,you need custom length pushrods.

You shoud also be sure there’s ample oil pressure.



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