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brandon crowe, jesup, GA, 1971 plymouth barracuda 440

Will a late model alternator off a ’95 Dakota work on myBarracuda (besides fabing brackets)? Can the stock voltage regulator work?Wiring? My stock alternator sucks: my lights blink at an idle, this israther annoying. Would bypassing the stock ammeter help any?

Brandon, yes, the Denso alternators will work fine, as will the stock ’71regulator. But since the later alternators are all 90 amperes or more,bypassing the ammeter / bulkhead connector would be almost mandatory — ifyou don’t want a major-league meltdown — or worse.

The existing field wiring can remain uunchaged (except for the swapping theterminal lugs from 1/4″ blades to ring lugs), but the charging circuitwiring must increase in gauge (lower numerically). I’d say 10 gauge would beOK with a 90 ampere alternator, although #8 would be better.



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